What is Teen Life Coaching?

Most people have heard of life coaches and career coaches.  Teen life coaching is similar to those, but with the specific needs of teens in mind.  Not all life coaches become good teen coaches.  Teens are different.  Their lives are going through some drastic changes as they move from childhood to adulthood.  They challenge authority and want strong justification behind the rules they are forced to follow.  They question the world around them and are not happy with the status quo.

While many coaches are not comfortable with teen coaching, or find teens “too difficult”, we truly enjoy coaching teens!  We love that they push the envelope.  They see the world differently, and they challenge many of the things that we, as adults, take as rote.

The teen years can be a truly exciting time.  But for many, trials and tribulations keep them from achieving their goals and reaching their dreams.  Teen Life Coaching helps teens to overcome the obstacles that may be standing in their way.

We build self-confidence and push boundaries.  Teen coaching gets teens outside of their comfort zone.  Once they are outside of their comfort zone and we guide them in ways to succeed in whatever it is they decide to do, their confidence builds and new challenges become easier to tackle.

Teen life coaching also helps to build healthy relationships.  We show teens that no one succeeds alone.  They learn how to build healthy relationships with people who have like goals.

Managing emotions is critical for teens.  Teen life coaching helps teens learn positive ways to handle stress and to break free from anxiety and fear.  We teach strategies that will help teens take control of their emotions.  We help teens to find positive ways to respond to stress and problems.

Teen coaching is great for teens who may feel as though they’ve lost their way or are not sure what their true path is in life.  Teens learn to see themselves differently and they find their true passions in life through coaching and mentoring.

Teens who are contemplating hurting themselves or others need immediate medical attention, however.  While teen coaching may be an option for them down the line, it is imperative to take these current feelings very seriously and get that teen the emergency medical help they need right away.

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