For Parents

What Can I Expect From My Coach?


First and foremost, your teen should know that all coaching sessions, and all of the information shared in those sessions are completely confidential. Of course, I make every effort to keep parents and guardians in the loop where their teen is concerned. I will also urge your teen to share his or her thoughts and ideas with you at every turn. Open lines of communication are very important in relationships. However, if there is something your teen does not wish to communicate to you at this point, his or her wishes will be respected.


Your teen will begin to know and understand themselves in a new and deeper way. He or she will learn to see their best self and explore ways to ensure they are working toward that self every day. This is a discovery process, and something that will come naturally. The amount of time it takes a teen to go through this process is never the same from one person to another, and your teen should not feel rushed. You may both discover, though, that he or she may find new parts of themselves, or their goals may change as coaching goes on. This is perfectly normal.


Your teen will also learn how to dedicate his/her time and energy to improving their life. They should come to their sessions on time and be fully prepared to do some problem solving and reflecting as well as celebrating how far they have come and their achievements. They will receive the same dedication they exhibit. Your teen should make sure he or she is in a quiet area and turn off the TV, stay off the internet and even turn off his or her cell phone if it isn’t being used for the session. Your teen should have a special notebook dedicated solely to coaching sessions and maybe even a folder for other materials. This should be brought to every coaching session.

Completing the Session Form

This form is used to prepare your teen for each session. This form will keep the sessions focused and directed on the areas on which your teen would like to work and improve. This form should be filled out at least the day before the session and given a good amount of time and consideration. Truly, the more time your teen puts into preparing for each coaching session, the more he or she will get out of it. The form should be sent to me, as well, the day before each session so I have ample time to review it and reflect upon it, too.

Some Things to Consider


Your teen’s safety should always be your biggest concern. If his or her issues go beyond the realm of coaching, if they have thoughts of harming themselves or others, they need immediate medical attention. This is a crisis situation, and needs to be confronted immediately. As your teen’s coach, I will want to know about the situation soon thereafter, but I will not always be available at the time the crisis arises. The Importance of Caring for yourself. Your teen should understand the importance of self-care, starting from the very first session. They should make a commitment to take care of themselves first before tending to every need of others. Also, it will be important to reduce the clutter in your life as well as in your teen’s life so that we may focus on the things that are truly important. It can be difficult, but coaching will help, and once those goals become clear and attainable, you and your teen will see the benefits just as clearly.

Building Strong Relationships

One aspect of coaching is learning to build strong relationships. This is done by always being honest and respectful. Your coach will expect nothing less than complete honesty. Your teen should feel free to express any feelings or thoughts as long as they are respectful in doing so. This may be a learning process, but one that will definitely help build the foundation of strong and positive relationships throughout his or her life.

Taking Action and Following Through

Coaching will bring about new ideas, new ways of thinking, and your teen may find areas of his or her life that he or she hadn’t thought about before. New avenues will open and no one may know where the progress will take your teen. Accept that as normal and, when there are actions to be taken, your teen should feel free to take those actions. He or she should also follow through on the things he or she planned to do. Learning to follow through will help show your teen that all goals are attainable. It will also build self-confidence and increase his or her positive self-talk.

The Importance of Being Realistic

Not every coaching session will culminate in a break-through moment. Some of them will, but others will just be a step in a longer process. You and your teen should both be realistic in your expectations in that regard. The coaching process is a natural process toward reaching goals, building relationships, and creating a solid future. It will not be the same for any two people, and everyone involved should remember that.

Responsibilities Differ

Your teen has the responsibility to attend the sessions, be on time, and to always be prepared with any work that was to be done since the last session. Your teen, however, should never be concerned with the fees and feel as though that is hanging over his or her head. Fees should be the responsibility of the parent and/or guardian.