It’s time to stand on your feet and face the realities of life – not as victim, but as a victor; not as a person conquered, but as a conqueror; not as a someone who reacts to the problems of life, but as someone who lives proactively.- Johnathan Hines


We will assist your teen in creating a strategy and defining his or her personal goals. We will help them to use that strategy to take action with confidence and learn what resources are available to help them .

Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is key in your teen. He or she will learn to trust him-or her-self in the decisions they make and in learning when to reach out to others to help them when needed. All of this will make your teen stronger and more self-reliant.


Listening is at the heart of any coaching session. We will listen to your teen’s beliefs as well as their self talk. We will learn what motivates them or excites them. We will listen to the possible emotional pain that may be holding them back from their dreams and living the life they want to live.

Create Momentum

We coach, but We will give advice and suggestions as well as offer our opinion in such a way as to help create momentum in the right direction.

Have Integrity

As your coach, We will abide by the Code of Ethic set forth by the National Board of Certified Coaches.

Inspire and Stretch

In order to make lasting changes, your teen should be inspired, and he or she should be helped to stretch into new and exciting territories. We will guide them through that process of learning their strengths and overcoming their self-doubt that is currently hindering them. We will help them feel confident emotionally to take the risks need to make positive changes in their lives. They will learn to stretch their ideas, take big steps, and to achieve more than they may have ever thought possible.

Be Truthful

The truth can sometimes be difficult to hear, but it is essential in moving forward. As your coach we will be truthful and compassionate with both you and your teen, even if the truth isn’t something you want to hear.

Push Boundaries

We will not only ask tough questions of your teen, but we may ask you tough question as well. This may pull you both out of your comfort zones, but it will also allow you and your teen to make progress toward your ultimate goals. Answering the tough questions honestly is an integral part of each coaching session.

Your Teen Will Enjoy The Amazing Benefits Of Life Coaching!

Managing Emotions!

~Feel motivated and empowered

~Reduce stress

~Break free to fear and anxiety

~Learn communication skills

~Gain coping tools and strategies

~Increased ability and energy to deal with life’s problems

Learn to Move Forward!

~Focus and health and self-care

~Change your life for the better

~Defeat forces of resistance

~Take control of your life

~Find new paths and make moves along those new paths

~Create positive life changes

Develop Healthy Relationships!

~Form strong family bonds and use those as the basis for strengthening other relationships

~Improve communication skills

~Learn to control negative behaviors

~Squash peer pressure and stand up for yourself in a positive way

~Let go of negative emotions so new, positive emotions can replace them

~Make strong relationships with friends and form lasting, positive bonds.

~Learn to date while keeping your sense of self alive and well

~Achieve independence

Reach Your Goals!

~Find your passion

~Live life with purpose

~Work toward your goals

~Identify what you want for your future

~Find your unique strengths and gifts

The Benefits to Teen Coaching are Many and Far Reaching!

They will follow your teen well into adulthood!